Mike has been creating custom sounds, effects, and original music for over a decade, utilizing the latest technology available. 


Mike is well-versed in the latest audio production techniques and software. From custom winter guard and dance team soundtracks to WGI/BOA/DCI rule-adhering samples and electronic sound effects to add that extra layer of production value to your marching band or indoor percussion show to original music for short films. 

Sound Designer for United Percussion

The below winter guard soundtrack required extensive Cutting, splicing, sampling, and other various production work - Manor High School, Manor, TX - 2015 WGI Scholastic A Finalists

"This soundtrack is actually two different versions of the same piece at two different tempos, in two different environments. One from a studio, and one from a smoky jazz club live session. The challenge was to create a sound environment that made it all feel like one piece, but the biggest challenge by far was the all-flag section (around 4:00 on the video). That long vocal note with rhythmic piano beneath it was originally only 4 or 8 counts instead of the 16-20 it became. Using cutting and looping sampling techniques, I was able to create a smooth sound and use the piano chords to make it seem like the pianist/vocalist was creating some rhythmic tension beneath her voice that eventually lead to the big emotional resolution. It came across wonderfully in the big arena and, coupled with fantastic flag performance, was one of the biggest applause moments of the performance."